Enjoy the Feast with Good Wine While Talking and Laughing,

Cultural Dinner: 3600 Persons Enjoyed the Feast
  At 18:00 on February 9, Master Group held the 2015 Cultural Dinner. Over 3,600 persons including the employees of Master Group and the invited travelling merchants gathered the parking lot of Business Department II to warmly celebrate the Spring Festival. The leaders of Master Group such as Liang Guiquan who is Chairman of the Board of Directors and Liu Bingyao who is Executive Vice President were present at the dinner.

  Vice President Liu Bingyao made the toasting speech. He said that the Group made great achievements in 2014 with the joint efforts of all the employees and hoped that the employees could continue to work hard in accordance with the development plan of Master Group and work together to achieve rapid development of Master Group.
  When the dinner started formally, over 3,600 persons held chopsticks at the same time to taste the delicious food. The dinner was full of happy laughter and cheerful voices and took on a scene of joy and harmony.

Spring Festival Party: A Real Employees’ Party
  Master Group held the 2015 Spring Festival Party on its playground at 20:00 on February 9. The Spring Festival Party was attended by Liang Guiquan who is Chairman of the Board of Directors, Executive Vice President Liu Bingyao and department leaders as well as more than 2,000 employees. Master Group also invited the leaders of related department of Xinxing County to attend the Party. The atmosphere was warm and the content was rich.
  First of all, Liang Guiquan, Chairman of the Board of Directors, made a speech, expressing his satisfaction with the achievements made by Master Group in 2014. And then, the excellent employees of Year 2014 were praised and rewarded, Vice President Liu awarded the certificates of honor and bonuses to the excellent employee representatives.
  After that, the employees of departments performed wonderful programs wrote and directed by themselves. The lottery-drawing link was done alternately during the performance wherein the prize-winning rate was up to 80%.

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