Brand Development

Othello, established in 1888 in Solingen, Germany, the world-renowned “City of Blades”, was one of the few kitchen brands with more than 100 years history and pure Germany heritage in the industry. In 2015,Master Group acquire Othello as a wholly owned subsidiary.Following this, Othello, in the name of“欧德罗”, was officially available to Chinese customers. Through a strategy of experiential marketing including Experience stores and Community Stores, Othello will build a nationwide distribution and sales system that will form the basis for global expansion.

Othello now operates under the clear and compelling brand positioning, ‘Creating Time; Creating Goodness’. This combined with the German essence of design as well as German precision quality, will allow Othello to provide a one-stop kitchen solution for Chinese families. Due to the rapid pace of life in today’s China, Chinese, who are well-known for placing importance on family values, are more eager to find time to spend with the people and things they love. Through this immediate time savings, Chinese families will, create true goodness in their life. For this reason, Othello crafts time-creation into each one of its products. From something as simple as cookware and cabinets, to as complex as apps and appliances, to the extraordinary Othello Intelligent-Ecosystem, these all offer a way for the consumer to work smarter and faster. With Othello every Chinese family will have more time to enjoy life and create goodness for their loved ones and even for the world!

Brand Concept

1.Creating time

• Universally, consumers spoke about the time-crunch they experience as busy adults trying to succeed in an ever increasing hi-tech, hi-stress world.

• Consumers accept that giving up the things they love and time spent with the people they love is a sacrifice they make to create a better lifestyle (middle class and above), and a future for their children. But they wish they didn’t have to. Time is precious.

• So, any brand that can save time is worth considering. Consumers believe that design, organization, technology all can play a role in saving time.

2. Creating goodness

• When asked what they would do with extra time in the present, and how they think it would impact things in the future, almost all consumers think of it as an investment. You give a little time to something important today and over the long run the investment grows into something big. Typically, the “something big” refers to a child’s success, a closer family, a better home life.

• Since the kitchen is the place in the home that requires a lot of time, the idea that there might be some time-saving solutions in this room is very attractive to consumers.

• And, the kitchen belongs to the woman, who is still the primary caregiver in the home. In her words, “I create most of the good things in the home, or “goodness”. It makes sense that more time to create goodness would be very valuable to her.


Brand Development

The Company proposed to develop the cookware brand of “MOMSCOOK” as the flagship brand in the domestic consumer market in February 2011;

The first group of stainless steel cookware products titled with brand of Momscook was officially sold in the markets in July 2011 and achieved a good sales performance;

The Company set up the production line for small home appliances of Brand Momscook to research and develop the coffee machine, cooking machine, knife sharpeners and other small home appliances in April 2012;

Brand Momscook was planned to enter the e-commerce channels and the Company begun to discuss the cooperation with the online malls such as TMALL, JD, Store #1, etc., in October 2013;

Flagship stores of Brand Momscook were simultaneously operated in Tmall and JD in August 2014 and Momscook gradually shifted its market focus toward the online operations.

MASTER was titled the famous trademark in Guangdong Province in January 2015.

Brand Momscook was firstly unveiled and exhibited in the 22th Shenzhen Gift Show in April 2015 and won the attention of the professionals at home and abroad;

Light Press Pot of Momscook Brand won the red-dot award for German industrial design and the silver prize for export product design in Canton Fair in June 2015;

MASTER Group relocated its office from Xinxing County to Baiyun District in Guangzhou in order to meet the needs of business development in July 2015;

The products of Momscook Brand were unveiled and exhibited in the 23th Shenzhen Gifts Show and the 118th Canton Fair to develop the new markets with a model of “German Standard and China Orientation” in October 2015;

Brand Momscook dominated the “2015 Applied Technology Industry Forum of Smart Sensors and Smart Kitchen” in November 2015;

Brand Momscook made the strategic cooperation with the folk kitchen God Contest of “Cantonese cuisine” held by Guangzhou Daily in December 2015, and meanwhile Master Group expanded its scale and relocated itself in Tian’an Science & Technology Park in Panyu District.


Won the title of Famous Brand in Guangdong in 2012;

Obtained the BRC certification in 2014;

Light Press Pot of Brand Momscook won the red-dot award for German industrial design and the silver prize for export product design in Canton Fair in June 2015.

Brand Concept

Momscook adheres to the concept of “German Technology·Outstanding Quality” to preserve the pursuit of health and take the health and safety of the user as the starting point in its design;

In the aspect of materials, it selects the top-quality stainless steel to guarantee the safety of the user on the tongue represented by water-free cooking and non-heavy metal release of material 304;

In the aspect of quality, it adheres to use of German production technology and testing standards and it has obtained the German LFGB certification;

In the aspect of process/technology, it keeps the spirit of German craftsman to ensure the ultimate perfection in the details;

Through the combination of German craftsmanship precipitated in the Master Group with the cooking habit of Chinese consumers in the products of Momscook Brand, the Company has created the high-quality, intelligent and healthy kitchen supplies for the markets in China to return the society.

Brand Status Quo

The products of Brand Momscook have won an outstanding sale performance in 2015 and they include stainless steel wok, stainless steel steamer, stainless steel deep roast pot, shallow roast pot, as well as chopsticks, spoons, kettles and other Kitchen utensils and appliances suite, and meanwhile the cooking machine, coffee machine, dishwasher and other small home appliances are developed and sold.

At present, the products of Brand Momscook are mainly sold via the e-commerce model and the flagship stores are opened in Tmall and JD to sell the top-quality cookware products throughout the whole country.


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