Momscook Series Sautéing Pan:

● Five-layer Steel Pan Body: The multi-layer composite materials are based on integration forming technology and the middle aluminum layer is free from impurities.
● Precise Edge Cutting: Smooth and neat pan edge processing and downward chamfer cutting strictly follow Germany technological requirements for appearance.
● Rivet-free Spot Welding: The Germany spot welding technology makes the pan collect no dirt and enables the user to easily stir-fry, not fear bumping and more completely clean the pan just upon one wipe.
● Heat Insulating Handle: It is based on the heat insulating hollow tube forming technology which can reduce heat conduction. The latest fashionable design style on the Germany market enables the user to use and clean the pan more easily.
● Precise Pan-bottom Valley: Upon thousands of practical tests with Germany designers, Master Group has used the precise pan-bottom valley design to prevent the bottom of pan from being out of shape due to being heated.
● All-steel High-arch Pan Cover: It is made from the same material as the inside of pan and has passed the LFGB safety test of German.
● Precise Pan-mouth-and-cover Matching: It achieves perfect water-free and oil-free cooking as well as free stir-frying.
● Precise Peel-off Test: It follows strict Germany technological standard.

Momscook Series Shallow Stewpot:

● Right-angle Bottoming Technology: It uses 2500-ton pressure welding and seamless right-angle edging design. The edges under a microscope take on occlusion like canine teeth and have passed the strict dry frying test.
● Pot-mouth Edge-folding: It can eliminate the stress caused by handle spot welding and enduringly maintain precise matching with the pot cover.
● High-purity Aluminum Sheet of the Three-layer Composite Bottom: The high-purity aluminum sheet can achieve efficient heat conduction and follows the design principle of Germany brands in respect of chassis heat conduction.
●Slot-position Gradual-change Chassis Design: It can control the heat conduction and increases anti-skid safety in comparison with the common flat bottom.

Rhine Series Deep Stewpot:

● Pot Edge: Exquisite Germany technological edge-folding makes the mouth of pot possess high strength and quality.
● Pot Body: Made from 18/10 material imported from Korea, synchronous with Germany international brand technology.
● Pot Cover: Made from 18/10 material imported from Korea, M-arch steam cycle, precise clearance design.
● Handle: Precise hollow tube forming, heat insulation design which can reduce heat conduction, possesses extremely strong feeling of control.
● Right-angle Forging: Tunnel furnace preheating can prevent the bottom from coming off due to dry cooking and embodies the ultimate level of exquisite Germany technology.
● Pot Bottom: The slot-position gradual-change design can achieve precise control of heat conduction and improve the anti-skid safety.
● Rivet-free Design: The high-tech spot welding makes the pot be easily cleaned and collect no dirt.
● Inside Consistent with Outside: Both the inside and outside of pot are under Germany sanding and strictly follow the Germany standard process.
● Volume Design: The volume is very large and the pot possesses the “Stew/Cook Soup/Cook Congee/Store/Keep Fresh/Act as a Rice Bucket” functions.

Rhine Series Frying Pan:

● Material: 18/10 stainless steel imported from Korea, safe, healthy.
● Technology: No coating, five-layer structure, physical non-stick.
● Thickness of Pot Body: 3.0mm, has passed the strict PEELING OFF TEST based on Germany standard.
● Pot Edge: Based on rigorous Germany edge-folding technology, precise cutting, elegant, high-end.
● Handle: Precise casting, heat insulation design which can reduce heat conduction, convenient, labor-saving.
● Pot Bottom: Accurate pot-bottom valley control, can achieve precise control of heat conduction.
● Inside Consistent with Outside: Both the inside and outside of pot are under Germany  sanding and strictly follow the Germany standard process.
● 3D Crystal Texture: Restraining luster, can improve the non-stick performance and reduce the generation of smoke.

Apple Pot:

The bottom of apple pot is made from 1.8mm-thick aluminum sheet, based on 18/0 pot-bottom braze welding, added without any chemical substance. Therefore, the bottom of pot is more durable.
● The 304# High-quality stainless steel ensures long service life.
● The inside of the pot-body is under sanding and the outside under polishing, so the smooth surface is fashionable and concise.
● The pot is equipped with a stainless steel cover which possesses better sealing property, accelerate food heating and thus makes the cooking become quicker and more convenient.

Inclined Gradual-thinner Aluminum Pot Series:

The inclined gradual-thinner aluminum pot is elaborately made with an 18/0 bottom which applies to any cooker. The pot is durable due to high-quality material.
● The pot is made from stretched 3003# aluminum. The pot is durable due to the high-quality material.
● The pot is characterized by an inclined body and a gradual-thinner mouth. Such design not increases the volume of pot but also makes the appearance of pot is distinctive. It conforms to the characteristic of being concise, fashionable and strong third-dimension sense.
● The outside of pot is sprayed with silver-gray heat resistant paint and its inside sprayed with non-stick heat-resistant coating. Both the two kinds of materials are energy-saving and environment-friendly.
● The pot is equipped with red silica-gel steel casting which can avoid thermal radiation, scald and is easy to be cleaned.

Non-stick Aluminum Frying Pan:

The pan is equipped with a CD bottom which can exert super-strong heat energy collection. It possesses more excellent smoke-free effect and durable due to high-quality material.
● The pot is made from stretched 3003# aluminum. The pot is durable due to the high-quality material.
● The body of pot is under hard anodizing treatment, resists wear, possesses good strength and is not easily out of shape.
● The outside of pot is sprayed with silver-gray INTERBLE heat-resistant paint and its inside sprayed with ILAG,Ilaflon non-stick heat-resistant coating. The non-stick cooking better meets the demand for fashionable life.
● The silica-gel handle is easy to hold and possesses more obvious heat-insulating and scald-proof effects.

Crescent Aluminum Frying Pan:

The bottom of pan is with screw threads, the outside of pan is sprayed with black heat-resistant paint and inside sprayed with gray ceramic paint, ensuring that the pan is clean, hygienic and its bottom is durable.
● The pot is made from stretched 3003# aluminum. The pot is durable due to the high-quality material.
● The pan looks like a moon, breaking through the appearance of traditional aluminum sautéing pans.
● The bakelite handle is sprayed with gray rubber oil, conforms to the design of human engineering and embodies humanization.
● The biggest highlight is that the pan is non-stick, easily cleaned and the Bakelite handle is scald-proof and anti-skid and thus there is no anxiety when you are cooking.

Motor-driven Knife Sharpening Machine MTKN-U03:

● Sterilization by ultraviolet light is efficient and pollution-free.
● Drying by hot-blast air can prevent the breeding of bacteria.
● The machine is convenient to operate and easy to use.
● It has a fashionable appearance and appropriate for modern kitchens.
● It is equipped with a built-in knife sharpener.
● Voltage/Power: 220-240V 50/60Hz 120W

Milk Foam Machine (MMF-2348-V2)::

● The disconnect-type product structure enables the body of cup to be placed at any 360-degree angle,conbenient for use.
● The body of cup is made form double-layered high-quality stainless steel.So it resists to heat and looks fashionable.The niner wall is made from non-stick coating which can prevent the milk form getting burnt and is convenient for cleaning..
● Silent,high foaming efficiency.
● Cold/lot foam stirring,one-button multifunctional operation. 
● Voltage/Power: 120V/220-240V 50/60Hz 500W

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