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Master in the world

Master Goes to the World

Development goal of Master Group is to “manufacture internationally best kitchen ware and create an internationally first-class brand”. It aims to develop the international market with the management philosophy of “being professional, whole-hearted and dedicated, being established in China, expanding toward the world, creating an international brand ‘Master Group Kitchen Ware’” and manufacture the internationally first-class brand kitchen ware with better quality.

Master Group has enjoyed a high popularity on the international exhibition stage and shown that it is an internationally first-class, efficient, high-end brand enterprise. It has made many customers give their thumbs up and say “very good” when listening to “Master”. Our products have been sold around the world and covered the global markets such as Europe, North America, Australia, Asia, South America and Africa.

In the future, Master Group will further improve the influence of its independent brand on the international market, continue implementing the key customer strategy, strengthen contact and cooperation with famous retail dealers, create internationally first-class tableware and kitchenware brands and win the glory of Master Brand!

Master in China

After information network era appears, the internet trading platform has rapidly entered our life. Online shopping has become one of important ways of consumption at present. Master Group strives to break through the geographical and space limitations, rapidly occupy the consumer market share of Chinese kitchenware and show Chinese families our personalized and fashionable life attitude. At present, the brand “momscook” of Master Group has moved into mainstream online shopping platforms of China such as,, and JD.COM. High-quality kitchenware products of Master Group have entered families in Hunan Province and Northeast China and will constantly enter more families in more regions.

You have only heard of my name, but not seen my endeavor of over 20 years at my factory.

You have your choice, but I have my rule of only concentrating on import materials and high quality.

My now is in my hand, but my future is in your hand because I advocate C2B personalized services.

You doubt my profit margin, but what I am pride is to give dear you the experience of getting excellent quality at reasonable prices.

You belittle me for having no wonderful stories, but we can certify that every product detail meets the strictest German standard.

Ideal is not an alone journey, it is always accompanied by doubts and jeers, I will not stop but face them optimistically.

It doesn’t matter because I live a beautiful life in the kitchen.

I am momscook, use exquisite German technology and possess super quality with the only aim to ensure kitchen safety and health!

Production Base

Ensure Production and Quality with Scale and Strength

Master Group possesses over 3,000 professional production devices such as high-end stainless steel tableware/kitchen ware, high-end stainless steel utensils, aluminum products, household appliances, hardware fittings, glass covers and plastic products, and its scale ranks top in the industry.

Stamping & Compositing Workshop:

It is equipped with 4 industry-advanced stainless steel automatic blanking lines which can meet the automatic cutting of stainless steel products. It possesses 6 stainless steel product automatic stretching lines which can achieve automatic production control and ensure stable and consistent product quality. In addition, it possesses 12 industry-most-advanced large compositing devices (2 sets of 1,600-ton electrical screw presses, sets of 2,500-ton electrical screw presses, one set of 2,500-ton friction press), and all these devices are operated by robots, so accurate and efficient operations ensure that every product can stand the market test.

Polishing Workshop:

Coming into use of 5 automatic polishing lines have reduced workers’ labor intensity, greatly improved the production efficiency, and made the products possess highly unified appearance and better quality. Meanwhile, we implement professional quality inspection and control in order to ensure better product quality.

Stainless Steel Product Assembly Workshop:

It is equipped with 14 continuous-flow production lines, 4 automatic ultrasonic washing lines, advanced laser marking machines, laser welding machines. It fully embodies standard production process and ensures stable product quality.

铝Aluminum Product Manufacturing Lines:

Master Group has also invested in aluminum product manufacturing lines to produce high-end aluminum kitchen utensils. The aluminum product calendaring workshop is equipped with 4 sets of 1,500 to 3,000-ton frame-type hydraulic devices used to manufacture press resistant products. The coating & oxidizing workshop possesses 4 advanced dust-free coating lines which can meet different customers’ different requirements. The automatic hard oxidizing line makes the aluminum products produce hard corrosion resistant surfaces.

Glass Cover Production Workshop:

6 automatic glass cold-working devices include automatic cutting machine, automatic material loading machine, automatic edging machine, drilling machine, cleaning machine and other machines. It also has automatic glass tempering equipment and steel loop continuous-flow production equipment. With regard to manufacture of aluminum sheets, it has advanced 1400 continuous cast rolling equipment, cold rolling equipment, annealing equipment to meet different demands for aluminum sheets used to make composite bottoms of stainless steel products.

Household Appliance Producing Workshop:

The household appliances are under professional control of quality control processes such as incoming materials, process inspection, reliability test, drop test and quality inspection. It possesses four modern assembly lines which can produce 6,000 sets daily. The workers at all the posts of the production lines operate strictly in accordance with the standard operation procedure and technological requirements. The employees compete for posts, regularly receive training and improve the production efficiency by virtue of professional and mature manufacturing skills as well as technology and inspection automation! In addition, it possesses the most advanced testing equipment in the household appliance industry such as high-low temperature alternating test chamber, single-arm drop test machine, X fluorescent spectrograph (RoHS tester) and life tester to ensure that the product quality and products conform to the requirements of various countries for safety, environmental protection and food contact and thus every product can be well received by consumers!

All the production workshops are equipped with senior professionals to guide our production, all the Master people do diligently to output good products. All in all, we aim to make Master products continuously enter the market through scientific production management and finally win the consumers’ trust.

Brief introduction of the group technology center

The group technology center, a powerful scientific research technical team, is responsible for research, development and promotion of new technologies, new products and new processes as well as the technological innovation management. It hires more than 200 scientific and technical personnel, consisting of engineers, technicians, the employees who have obtained doctoral, graduate and undergraduate academic degree and other senior professionals. Meanwhile, it has established the industry, academy and research base with Guangdong University of Technology, Tianjin University and Chinese Academy of Engineering Science Research Institute from time to time. Additionally, it also invites well-known experts and professors from the colleges to exchange with each other about application of new technologies and new materials in the industry and trains the staffs. In March 2014, the technology center was honored as the provincial enterprise technology center after it had been reviewed and identified.

The technology center owns many advanced devices: CNC computer numerical control machining center, CNC EDM machine, computer numerical control lathe, universal milling machine, electric spark line-cutting machine, 120 tons hydraulic machine, 200 tons hydraulic press, 60 tons punch, 3D printer imported from American. It has provided good conditions for research and development of the new group product.

The Technology Center establishes an expert group to provide professional consultation, theoretical guidance and technical support for research and development of new products as well as the Production Department. Meanwhile, the Project Management Team can provide a powerful guarantee for efficient operation of every project of Master Group. In addition, the Product R&D Team has overseas professional designers to meet global customers’ different demands for creative design.

Core Technologies of Technology Center of Master Group

Industrial Design Ideas---Based on the Demand

We pursue seamless combination of designed style with technological connotation and humanistic care. We emphasize collision of oriental Buddhist mood inherited for thousands of years with occidental modern design style. We aim to add the element of intelligent things-networking technology and the concept of environmental protection to the organism full of human kindness, and introduce critical thought and essential deliberation.

Design Concept of Minimalism:

We advocate the sense of beauty from nature, so our products embody amity and interaction with human and environment; our products are simple and easy to operate, neither exaggerated nor noisy; our products embody the colors and textures of materials and avoid artificial decoration. Our products contain critical thought and tranquility full of Buddhist mood.

Intelligent Design Concept:

We integrate our product design with advanced technologies such as things-networking technology and bio-fluid technology. Our design is based on users’ demands and really embodies the intelligent advanced technologies in terms of solving people’s demands, and creates thing-networking and people-oriented comfortable life.

Design Concept of Energy Conservation and Environmental Protection:

We use high-efficiency structures and materials, the most advanced energy-saving technologies and manufacturing technique, and emphasize the concept of low-carbon circulation during the design and manufacture. Our design aims to embody harmonious coexistence and development between human and nature.

Introduction to Research Institute

Objective: “To develop into a large-scale Research, Development and Technical Service Institution with Industry Characteristics”

The main R&D fields of Research Institute are ① Intelligent Household Kitchen Equipment and Cloud Services; ② New Technologies and Standards for Tableware and Kitchen-Ware Industries; ③ MEMS (Micro Electro Mechanical Systems) Sensors including bio-fluids and detection devices; ④ Development and Application of New Composite Materials; ⑤ Informatization and Industrialization Fusion System and Technology; ⑥ Industrial Low-carbon Green Systems and Technologies.

The Research Institute exports high and new scientific technologies and products, technology consulting and training services, both internally and externally. Surefooted development provides a driving force for technical development of Master Group Co., Ltd., Xinxing industries, Yunfu City and even the whole west Guangdong Province.

> R&D Team

A high-quality elite team brings up the core competiveness of Master Group and gives infinite vitality for technical research and development.

The Research Institute owns a group of technical elite with returned doctors and master as the core and advisors acted by doctoral advisors from Shanghai Jiaotong University and Xi’an Jiaotong University as well as famous experts and scholars such as Vice President from Shanghai Institute of Technology College of Sciences, all these elites provide support and help for the scientific research directions and projects. In addition, the Research Institute is directed by the outline of group development strategy, follows its development planning and programme, and constantly enriches and improves the research talent team and the institutional framework.

> Cooperative Institution

The Research Institute and the provincial-level Technology Center of Master Group depend on each other. The Research Institute and Guangdong University of Technology unite and establish Master-Group-Guangdong-University-of-Technology Post-doctoral Innovation Base. The Research Institute has successfully organized an advisor team composed of famous experts and scholars from universities such as Shanghai Jiaotong University, Xi’an Jiaotong University and Shanghai Institute of Technology, and such team is used to provide support and help for scientific research projects of the Research Institute. Meanwhile, the Research Institute plans to develop the existing post-doctoral innovation base and aims to upgrade this base to a post-doctoral scientific research workstation within two or three years, and establish a close cooperation and talent training mechanism with colleges and universities in Guangdong Province and even throughout China.

With regard to international cooperation, the Research Institute aims to consolidate and develop cooperation with foreign first-class universities as well as R&D institutions. At present, the Research Institute has reached a consensus of industry-university-development cooperation with the Large-scale Integrated Circuit Center of the University of Tokyo (Japan) and established a cooperative mechanism with it, and reached a mechanism of cooperation and exchange visits with famous professors and scholars of Ritsumeikan University (Japan). On this base, the Research Institute has actively introduced professors and experts from the University of Tokyo (Japan), the University of Massachusetts (USA) and the Central Research Institute (France) in order to enrich and develop the scientific research guidance force of the Group, and further improve the scientific research level and international influence of the Research Institute.

> R&D Achievements

The Research Institute aims at scientific and technological innovation, product technology development and basic scientific research. It relies on its own scientific and technological advantages to promote industry-university-research cooperation, and accelerate the industrialization of scientific and technological achievements. At present, it has taken and successfully developed the Project of Master Intelligent Kitchen-ware “SMART COOK”, the Project of Master Advanced Kitchen--ware, the Project of Research and Development of Ceramics and Stainless Steel Composite Materials and Micro-fluids and so on. The representative R&D product “SMART COOK” of Smart Kitchen has attracted much attention at exhibitions for many times, gotten active feedback from the market, and been also concerned and accepted by leaders and experts from Guangdong and other provinces. The products under the Project of Advanced Kitchen-ware have won such honor as “Red Dot Design Award” which is a Germany industrial design prize. With regard to fundamental research, the Research Institute has developed in a surefooted way, published more than 30 professional theses and applied over 10 patents such as national invention patents and utility model patents.

Brief introduction of the Quality Centre

The Quality Center of Master Group strictly carries out the requirements of ISO9001:2008 Quality Management System, so the products of the Group meet the standards of EN (Europe), DIN (Germany), CMA (USA) and SG (Japan). Sticking to the quality management concept of “zero defect”, the Center is equipped with a full-time QE group, IQC, IPQC, FQC and OQC quality management teams with the aim to strictly control product quality.

The Testing Laboratory of the Center is an enterprise laboratory which has possessed the largest scale, the most complete equipment and the most normative management in the industry at home at present. Inside it are six sub-laboratories including Materials Laboratory, Corrosion Resistance Laboratory, Simulated Cooking Laboratory, Performance Laboratory, Packing & Shipping Laboratory as well as Small Household Appliances Laboratory. It possesses more than ninety advanced testing equipment and instruments such as Metal Analysis Spectrograph and Portable X-ray Fluorescence Spectrograph manufactured by SPECTRO Analytical Instrument Co., Ltd. (Germany); Automatic Whirlpool Dish-washing Machine imported from the USA with original packaging; Energy Dispersion X-ray Fluorescence Tester, Salt Spray Tester, Electrical Appliance Safety Performance Tester, Milk-foam-machine Life Tester, Simulated Transport Shaking Table, etc.

Control the Quality and Open the Market

The Center possesses many engineers with rich kitchen ware testing experience and a testing team with excellent professional skills. Keeping pace with the times, it organizes its Testing Laboratory throughout a year to make academic exchange and technical cooperation with the internationally famous “German Rhine TUV Laboratory” in order to ensure that the products of the Group can meet the requirements for high-quality life.

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