Brand Development

After many negotiations and visits to each other in 2015, Master Group has officially introduced Brand Othello and its advanced operation and management system, and by using its representative intelligent whole large kitchen and SCA *(Community Support Agriculture) model and “Internet +” integrated intelligent agriculture technology system and community information service system, it has brought the ecological agriculture into the smart kitchen to achieve the information perception, intelligent decision-making, automatic control and precision management of the whole agricultural production process to ensure the more rational allocation of agricultural production factors, more targeted service of agricultural practitioners and more scientific management of agricultural production and operation so as to make it to perfectly serve Chinese community.

Brand Concept

Re-define the whole kitchen life, create an integrated 4-D kitchen, fully realize the one-stop solution from cabinets to cookware and from food materials to decorations, maximally satisfy the aesthetic needs and personalized requirements of the users, and meanwhile use the real style decoration to really restore the kitchen scene.

Adopt the multi-dimension intelligent control for the CSA Model via the “Smart IOT Technology (Internet of Things)”, establish a new agricultural model for the healthy communities, ensure the community kitchen to own a healthy farm that can be monitored, and interact with the farm to make sure of no harmful ingredients in the food materials so as to effectively solve various food safety and health issues existed in the food system and excessive industrialization in China.

stores + community stores, which is supported by healthy department store products, seven-day upgrading kitchen and kitchen maintenance services, etc., it can perfectly serve the Chinese community and become the most healthy kitchen brands in China.

The soft opening of Othello Guangya Community Store was officially launched in January 1, 2016, and the soft opening of its flagship store will be launched in Paomachang, Tianhe District in Guangzhou in January 31, 2016.


Brand Development

The Company proposed to develop the cookware brand of “MOMSCOOK” as the flagship brand in the domestic consumer market in February 2011;

The first group of stainless steel cookware products titled with brand of Momscook was officially sold in the markets in July 2011 and achieved a good sales performance;

The Company set up the production line for small home appliances of Brand Momscook to research and develop the coffee machine, cooking machine, knife sharpeners and other small home appliances in April 2012;

Brand Momscook was planned to enter the e-commerce channels and the Company begun to discuss the cooperation with the online malls such as TMALL, JD, Store #1, etc., in October 2013;

Flagship stores of Brand Momscook were simultaneously operated in Tmall and JD in August 2014 and Momscook gradually shifted its market focus toward the online operations.

MASTER was titled the famous trademark in Guangdong Province in January 2015.

Brand Momscook was firstly unveiled and exhibited in the 22th Shenzhen Gift Show in April 2015 and won the attention of the professionals at home and abroad;

Light Press Pot of Momscook Brand won the red-dot award for German industrial design and the silver prize for export product design in Canton Fair in June 2015;

MASTER Group relocated its office from Xinxing County to Baiyun District in Guangzhou in order to meet the needs of business development in July 2015;

The products of Momscook Brand were unveiled and exhibited in the 23th Shenzhen Gifts Show and the 118th Canton Fair to develop the new markets with a model of “German Standard and China Orientation” in October 2015;

Brand Momscook dominated the “2015 Applied Technology Industry Forum of Smart Sensors and Smart Kitchen” in November 2015;

Brand Momscook made the strategic cooperation with the folk kitchen God Contest of “Cantonese cuisine” held by Guangzhou Daily in December 2015, and meanwhile Master Group expanded its scale and relocated itself in Tian’an Science & Technology Park in Panyu District.


Won the title of Famous Brand in Guangdong in 2012;

Obtained the BRC certification in 2014;

Light Press Pot of Brand Momscook won the red-dot award for German industrial design and the silver prize for export product design in Canton Fair in June 2015.

Brand Concept

Momscook adheres to the concept of “German Technology·Outstanding Quality” to preserve the pursuit of health and take the health and safety of the user as the starting point in its design;

In the aspect of materials, it selects the top-quality stainless steel to guarantee the safety of the user on the tongue represented by water-free cooking and non-heavy metal release of material 304;

In the aspect of quality, it adheres to use of German production technology and testing standards and it has obtained the German LFGB certification;

In the aspect of process/technology, it keeps the spirit of German craftsman to ensure the ultimate perfection in the details;

Through the combination of German craftsmanship precipitated in the Master Group with the cooking habit of Chinese consumers in the products of Momscook Brand, the Company has created the high-quality, intelligent and healthy kitchen supplies for the markets in China to return the society.

Brand Status Quo

The products of Brand Momscook have won an outstanding sale performance in 2015 and they include stainless steel wok, stainless steel steamer, stainless steel deep roast pot, shallow roast pot, as well as chopsticks, spoons, kettles and other Kitchen utensils and appliances suite, and meanwhile the cooking machine, coffee machine, dishwasher and other small home appliances are developed and sold.

At present, the products of Brand Momscook are mainly sold via the e-commerce model and the flagship stores are opened in Tmall and JD to sell the top-quality cookware products throughout the whole country.


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