Guangdong Master Group Attended the Launching Ceremony of “Guangdong Poverty Relief Day 2015” of Xinxing County

  In the People’s Government of Xinjiang County in the afternoon on June 30, 2015, entrepreneur representatives of Xinxing County gathered with kindheartedness to hold the Launching Ceremony of “Guangdong Poverty Relief Day” of Xinxing County in order to actively respond to the call of the Guangdong Provincial Party Committee and Guangdong Provincial Government. The Launching Ceremony was attended by the leaders of four governmental groups and some invited philanthropist and entrepreneur representatives as well as leaders and workers of Xinxing County Party Committee, Xinxing County Government and state organs.

  As one of enterprise representatives, Guangdong Master Group attended the Launching Ceremony and pledged to donate RMB 300,000 Yuan on the site and accepted the pledged fund on the site of Sixth Patriarch Charity Society.
  Guangdong Master Group as a local enterprise of Xinxing County has always actively thrown itself into the programs for public good while achieving rapid business development. For many years, it has actively responded to the call of Xinxing County Party Committee and Xinxing County Government for “Poverty Relief”, actively advocated the spirits of being thankful, dedication, unity and helping each other, firmly followed the faith of helping the poor after becoming rich and thus achieving common prosperity, and made due contributions to economic and social development of poverty stricken areas of Xinxing County.
  Since establishing the “Guangdong Poverty Relief Day” on June 30, 2010 to this day, Master Group has actively participated in “Guangdong Poverty Relief Day” (June 30) special activity for 6 consecutive years. Most of pledged funds have been invested in many poverty fields and thus made many poor families and students enjoy great benefit. We believe that the “Poverty Relief” activity of our county surely will be a great success if Master Group makes concerted effort and jointly participates in it together with all sectors of society and the masses with the right direction of Xinxing County Party Committee and Xinxing County Government!

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